Good question… I’ve been meaning to start a blog for months now but keep asking myself: about what? Would it be interesting enough? But here I am, sharing my love for reading and books to the world.

Nowadays most people read online, endless posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can keep one satisfied for hours. But when was the last time you picked up a book and dived into a different world or the mind of another person?

I try to read every day, which I must admit has become an expensive hobby. At one point in December I was reading a book a day. Now, I’m the kind of person who likes to read paper books rather than e-books, because the idea of a personal library is a dream come true. So reading a book a day really can be expensive, but nonetheless, I love it.

I’ve also found this great deal on Amazon UK where you can buy 3 paperbacks for £10 which was a dream come true.

The reasons I love reading so much you ask?

Reading allows me to silence my mind for a bit, I have a very busy mind that just won’t stay quiet. When I read I get to fully focus on someone else’s dilemmas and problem or adventures. Especially after a busy or even a long boring day at work I find myself longing for the moment where I sit down on the sofa with a book. It’s my ‘me time’, I light a few candles, put on some chilled music, grab a blanket and get lost in the book.

Another reason is that reading teaches me a lot. Not just new words but also new views, it also gives me a bunch of ideas about things I want to do. For example, Gayle Foreman’s ‘Just One Day’ and ‘Just One Year’ made me feel so heavily inspired to travel I made a bucket list for 2017 which I actually plan to complete in that year.

So I’m writing this blog to hopefully inspire other readers, share my views on books and some other fun things about reading and me. I hope you all enjoy it!


Love Mallory x