Let me start of with the most obvious one

1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Orlando

Obviously this is the one I mention first as this is a dream come true for every Harry Potter fan. I’ve been here myself but went when only the Diagon Alley area was open. They’ve now extended and made Hogsmeade as well. It is honestly amazing. My favourite was the ride inside Hogwarts Castle. Waiting in line isn’t so bad as you get to move through the castle and see a bunch of stuff from the movie. Once on the ride you follow Harry on his broomstick through settings from all the movies. Beware though, if you are scared of spiders, the scene from Prisoners of Azkaban with Aragog is included. I screamed like a little girl…wizarding-world-1

2. Platform 9 ¾ – Londonharry-potter-platform-9-3-4-kings-cross

Kings Cross Station took full advantage of the popularity of the train station after the Harry Potter movies. They created a fun photo set up where you can take a picture with a cart that is half pushed into the wall of Platform 9 ¾. There is also a memorabilia shop where you can buy a bunch of Harry Potter stuff.

3. Warner Bros Studio Tours – London

If you live closer to the UK and can’t afford to go to Orlando this might be a pretty good alternative. At the studios many of the props and costumes have been stored and showcased for fans to see. You can drink a delicious Butterbeer or ride a broomstick on a green screen just like the cast did.  In March they’re opening a new section, the Forbidden Forest.warner bros studio tour.jpg

4. The Harry Potter Expo – Netherlandsharry potter expo.png

Again the Harry Potter Expo is the alternative to the London Studio Tours. Similar in concept it showcases props and costumes from the Harry Potter films. It travel around the world and showcases in different places at different times. Currently the expo is in the Netherlands until the 30th of June


5. Georgian House Hotel – London

This hotel has a section dedicated to Harry Potter, behind a bookcase you will find the Wizard Chambers. Completely set in the style of the Hogwarts rooms. If you’re planning to visit all the different places in London for Harry Potter you should sleep like a wizard too.

georgian house hotel chambers.jpg

6. Llety Cynin – South Wales  potter-high-tea

This B&B in South Wales decided to honour Harry Potter as the owners are massive Potter fans themselves. They created a Wizard High Tea including Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs and Pumpkin Pasties. You can stay the night as well and enjoy a Harry Potter themed weekend.


_59915332_shell-cottage-pembs-coast-national-park-authority7. Freshwater West – West Wales  

This area in West Wales is famous for one of the saddest scenes in the movies, Dobby’s Death. Freshwater West also has Shell Cottage (made out of shells) and is just beautiful for a day out to walk along the beach.



8. Alnwick Castle – Englandalnwick-castle-harry.jpg

This castle has been used in a lot of movies and tv series but is mostly famous for its feature in the first two Harry Potter movies as the grouns where the flying lessons take place. The castle is open to the public on certain dates but currently closed for winter.


9. The Great Lake – Scotland

The Great Lake scenes were actually filmed in two different locations, at Lock Arkaig in Scotland, here they filmed the aerial and landscape shots of the lake. However the scenes with actors in them were shot at Virginia Water Lake in Surrey, England. This was due to difficulty of treading the grounds. I would myself prefer to visit the lake in Scotland, it is stunning, the surroundings are beautiful as well. Would definitely go on a day trip here.


10. Platform 1094 – Singapore 

This is a fairly new cafe/bar in Singapore and is definitely one of my favourites. I would go to Singapore just to go here. Their most famous concoction is the Goblet of Fire cocktail which is set on fire and creates firey sparks when you sprinkle cinnamon on top of it. They have many more other drinks including a Sleeping Draught and other ‘potions (cocktails) and teas.  Aside from drinks they also have Harry Potter inspired foods.


Now if only I had enough money to go to all these I’d be a very satisfied person. But hopefully I’ll get to visit them all at some point in my life.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you think anything is missing or if you’ve visited any of these!


Love Mallory x