Okay so I just saw that Everything, Everything is being turned into a movie and the trailer has been released *screaming on the inside with excitement* and wait for it, Rue from the Hunger Games is all grown up and plays Madeline, aaaaaah!!!

I loved this book so much and I think everyone needs to read this, because it was brilliant. So I thought I’d give a short review on the book to make sure everyone who hasn’t read it yet does.

Favourite Quote:

“Life is a gift. Don’t forget to live it.”

Everything Everything is about an 18 year old girl, Madeline Whittier, who has never been outside. Madeline has immunodeficiency, meaning she pretty much doesn’t have an immune system and can’t fight disease. Stuck inside her house with special ventilators and glass around Madeline has always been okay with her life. But then a new boy moves in next door, Olly. She is immediately intrigued. Olly and Madeline start talking and Madeline finds herself questioning her life. Is she really living? Madeline wants to go outside and explore the world with Olly. She wants to be able to be a normal girl so she can date Olly. Madeline finds herself outside for a split moment and collapses, but she recovers quickly. She starts to question whether she really is ill. Deciding there is only one way to found out she goes outside and travels to Hawaii with Olly. But will she survive this trip?

This book had everything good and nothing bad. It was brilliantly written, had a great characters and an intriguing plot.

I loved that it wasn’t written as a traditional books, it had doodles, emails and letters written by Madeline. This made it very fast paced and easy to read and also fun. It also gave you a deeper insight into both the characters and how they thought. The characters in the book are so well written too. Madeline is ill and hasn’t really lived but she doesn’t moan about it, she’s a very strong person and quite funny. When she first meets Olly she is a little shy and awkward and I thought this was so realistic and cute. Olly on the other hand is quite confident, he jokes around a lot and makes Madeline feel great. When you put the two of them together it just creates such funny and beautiful interactions.

I found myself constantly questions what was the real story. Whether she was actually ill or whether there is something else involved. The book just kept me completely intrigued the whole time and I read it in one go because it was just that good.

Now watch the trailer, read the book (if you hadn’t already) and put May 19th in your diaries.

Love Mallory x