I was asked to review this book by the author and have given my complete honest review.


The second book in the stand-alone series, Forever and a Night, by Lana Campbell is truly brilliant. Dark Experiments tells the story of Tiffany and Christopher. Christopher, also known as Dr La Mond, is a vampire who runs the V Clinic, a clinic that helps other vampires get pregnant and births them. Tiffany is a 35 year old human who gets an IT job at the V clinic. Tiffany has known Christopher for 12 years, he is a very close family friend as he helped her mother turn into a vampire. For years Tiffany has longed for Christopher but she knew it would never become more than friendship because of their differences. But now that Tiffany is working at the V Clinic can she stop herself? There isn’t much time to think about that as terrible things start happening at the clinic, three stillborn babies in a row and the vampire mothers are falling ill. Tiffany finds herself falling ill to and goes through the biggest transformation of her life. Fighting to finally be with Christopher, Tiffany just seems to find herself in bad situations where she has to fight for her life.

Favourite quote:

Forgiveness is for the person who was wronged not the person who did the wrong.  Forgiveness sets you free to go on with the business of life.

This book was not what I expected it to be, but I learned my lesson, seriously do not judge a book by its cover. Because that is literally the only thing I didn’t like about this book, the cover. From the blurb I also got that this book was sex packed, which I have to say I was quite excited for, it wasn’t though. But that didn’t matter because it was just so good.

The book is extremely well written, it keeps you hooked. There are no irritating voices, no moany characters and the story line just keeps flowing. Just when you thought it would settle down there is another plot twist.

When I started reading and found a sexual scene so close to the start I was like oh no, there goes all the potential for a build up. Because that’s what I love about erotic and romance books, the build up. But I was wrong, it was a fluke, and the build up and anticipation between Tiffany and Christian continues.

Both characters are such strong characters, and it being written from two points of views really allowed me to understand them and see the different sides. I loved how strong Tiffany appeared but also seeing she had her weaknesses. I loved how hot and ‘macho’ Christopher appeared when really has was a deeply caring and loving person. The combination of the two together was perfect.

Then there is the thrilling story line about the ‘angel of death’, now when I read the blurb I thought this was literal and started doubting the book a little. It’s a person, and I thought I had it figured out from a few chapters in, it just seemed so obvious. However, I was wrong. I loved it! I find it sad when books are predictable and this wasn’t. There were a bunch of plot twists that stopped me from putting down the book.

I kept waiting for a hot sex scene to come along from somewhere about halfway through the book, it didn’t come until right at the end. I’m quite glad it didn’t. I wasn’t a big a fan of the sex scene as I was of the rest of the book. I felt that once I did get to the hot sex scene that you wait for the entire book, it just doesn’t matter anymore because the book has literally already passed the point of amazing.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a thrilling novel with a bunch of twists and turns, as long as you don’t mind the few raunchy sex scenes (emphasis on few), then this book is honestly great.

Love Mallory x