I was sent a copy of this book through Netgalley to give an honest review.

Favourite Quote:

“I couldn’t live my sister’s life for her. But I could live mine the best way I knew how. By being true to myself. By just being Megan”

Getting married at 17 sounds crazy to most of us but for Megan and Elliott it sounds like the only way out of their parents demands and history. Since her sister, Lizzie’s, death a year ago, Megan has felt like her parents are making her live up to Lizzie’s standards all the time. Lizzie was an Oxbridge ready student with top grades in her AS’s and a trustworthy person. Now Megan’s parents are pushing her to do the same when all she wants to do is move to London and start her own photography business.
Elliott has been judged by the entire town since has dad went to prison for fraud and embezzlement. He thought he was stuck in Pembrokeshire, but now there is a way out and that is all he wants.
When Megan finds out the only way she can escape is by getting married to inherit her grandma’s flat in London before the age of 21 she starts to plan her wedding. She and Elliott hadn’t spoken properly for years but he always went along with her crazy plans, would he this time as well? Ready to get married and going on a road trip to Scotland, Megan finds herself falling for Elliott. Can she really get married to him and just stay friends?

This book was simply wonderful, I finished it in 3 hours because I couldn’t put it down.

cant put it down.gif

The book is written from the point of view of both Megan and Elliott. This definitely added to the story as we saw both of them falling for each other without realising they both were, which was cute as hell. I love books like this, you’re expecting a happy ending but don’t know when, where or how it’s going to happen. I was quite sad it wasn’t until the end because I really wanted to see them together more.

The characters are extremely well written. I can’t personally relate to Megan’s story but can imagine how awful it must be having your parents pressure you into your future, my family allows me to make all my own choices. The way she grows throughout the book, even though her plans are a little crazy, is great to see. I love that her parents finally come around in the end, it’s a shame it takes her so much to make them see what she wants but it happens (I’m not suggesting you should run off to elope to get something from your parents)

The texts between Sean and Becca also added something in the book, Becca is Megan’s best friend, Sean is Elliott’s brother. These two also end up in a fling/romance/friends-with-benefits (they don’t really know) thing. And this is another relationship most of us can relate too, that, is it happening yes or no kind of thing. It was a nice second storyline in the book. I also loved the pictures, however, because I got an uncut edit some of the pictures on my iPad didn’t show properly which was a shame.

I think I loved this book even more because it was set in British Secondary School and I could relate to the grades and system for the first time in a book as I did a-levels myself. Also the fact that it’s set in Wales, which is where I’m currently living, made it all the better. The name Swansea popped up (I think that is genuinely the first time I’ve seen it in a book) and I was like yes, I live there. I recognised the stories about the beaches and the town and also about Megan going into the pub and becoming friends with two older men and the bartender, because people here really are friendly and will have a conversation with you and become your temporary friend.

I really hope there is a second part to this book that tells us more about Megan and hopefully Elliott’s adventures in London as well as Sean and Becca’s potential romance.

This book will be published on the 6th of April 2017, make sure you put it on your to-read/to-order list, it is honestly a great read.


Love Mallory x