I was sent this book by the authors to give an honest review.

Favourite Quote

“This was his favourite part. Reveling in the afterglow, where it felt more like they were one body than two”

This book was not at all what I was expecting, but it was honestly great. The blurb didn’t give away that it was going to be an erotic book, but even though there were some steamy scenes, they were limited and not too detailed. The book was more about their struggles and romance, which kept me intrigued throughout.

Aubriel, an Elf from a village where Elston is worshipped, has been given the task to bring Elston to a precious artifact. What she doesn’t find out until she is there is that Elston has a secret agenda and was never ordered by the temple to collect the artifact. As Aubriel realises what is going on, she protects the artifact from Elston. As Elston beats her down a handsome Fey comes to the rescue. That night Aubriel finds herself in the dreams of the Fey, Lord Callanon Thray. As she falls asleep every night she finds herself looking forward to meeting Callanon every night and finding out more about him and his beautiful dreamscape. Still struggling to trust him as she has been betrayed by someone she trusted with all her heart, she finds herself stuck between admitting her attraction to Callanon and not speaking to him again. But there is no denying that Callanon seems an honest man and she falls in love with him. Now, they both want more than simply being together in the dreamscape, they want to be together. Callanon offers to take her to the summer kingdom, where he is advisor to the king. The problem is that Aubriel is an elf, and so a mortal, who are looked down upon the kingdom. With magic, Callanon makes her appear Fey, but will this be enough? 

This book had its ups and downs in my opinion. I struggled to get into this book as I really hated Elston, he was a d*ck, pardon my French, but he was. I know this is what the authors were going for, but god did I want to punch him in the face. I felt a little confused in the beginning as I felt there wasn’t enough introduction into the background of Aubriel or the setting itself. Aubriel was constantly doubting herself and all she was concerned about was pleasing Elston, with his character being so annoying that didn’t really catch on for me.

Once Callanon came into the book though I was sold, it suddenly became extremely interesting and I couldn’t put the book down. From here on the characters were written extremely well, I loved the story between Callanon and Aubriel. The setting of the dreamscape was described so well I found myself picturing it and dying to go there.

The only thing I missed here was a proper description of what Callanon actually looked like. With books like this, especially during the steamy scenes, I always find it helps to have a mental picture. And as one of the first things that was mentioned was ‘he had grey hair’, an old man immediately came to mind for me. I know it is then mentioned that he is younger and that his hair is actually silver, but this image never left my mind as there is than talk about how he has worked for the king for decades. I am guessing the aging works different for feys and elves (wasn’t actually mentioned as far as I can recall) but now I had images in my mind of an 80 year old man and a 20/30 year old girl getting it on, not the best mental image. On top of this the word ‘exchanged’ kinda killed my mood, especially when used as a pet name in pre/post sex scenes.

But, this book wasn’t all about the steamy scenes. The plot of this book is very intriguing and with constant plot twists. I found myself hoping Aubriel didn’t get caught and that her and Callanon could be happy. I don’t normally like books about royalty and such but this book had the right mix between politics, romance and other issues.

The revelation once Aubriel is exposed was interesting and exciting and it was great to see her become such a strong character that made such a big change in another kingdom.

I sincerely hope there is going to be a second book on Aubriel’s task and how Callanon and Aubriel get through being apart and learn more about their relationship.

Definitely recommend this book!


Love Mallory x