Hi All,

So I’ve decided to start a meme myself, I’d love for anyone to answer these as well. Every week I will post 5 questions related to a certain topic and always including at least one question based on books. Check out to full explanation here.

If you wanna answer the questions you can either do it on the comment section or do it on your blog and then link back to this post 🙂

Today is International Women’s Day! Where we celebrate all things women. So I’ve based this weeks questions on that.

  1. Who was your female role model when you were a child?
  2. Who was your favourite female character out of any books
  3. If you’re a woman, what do you love most about being a woman, if you’re a guy what do you love most about women.
  4. What book stands out to you in regards to strong women or women’s rights (anything along those lines)
  5. Who is your favourite famous woman?

My answers:

1240300_10208483437952461_392727780888271017_n1. Mine was my nan, she was (still is) such a strong woman, she raised me, she’s moved across the world, she always helps me through something rough and I can talk to her about anything. I’d like to be a mother and nan like here. Love her to bits ❤


2. Hmm, little more difficult, I think I’d have to go with Luna Lovegood. I love her because she’s so odd but she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she’s always cheerful and she’s so sweet and supporting of her friends.luna lovegood

3. As cliche as this is (maybe also a little shallow), I love being able to shop and wearing dressing up nice and doing my make up for a night out. I love looking good for myself and being proud of what I look like. i feel pretty

4. The first one that comes to mind for me is the Hunger Games, I have to admit, I haven’t read many women empowering books 😳, I am planning on doing so soon though, I promise. Katniss is a strong character who stands up against an unfit character, has unconditional love for those around us and of course fights her way through an arena twice.


5. Another difficult one, I think Jennifer Lawrence comes pretty close here. She’s so funny, quite down to earth and doesn’t really care how she acts in the media which is great. But then I’ve had a crush on Kaya Scodelario ever since she first appeared on Skins, I mean just look at her, she’s stunning ❤ kaya scodelario

Looking forward to everyone else’s answers, don’t forget to post a link to your answers below and I’ll pick my favourite next week 🙂


Love Mallory x