I loved doing this last week. This week’s theme is strong female main characters for International Women’s Day. I, of course, went with Hermione from Harry Potter. The whole point of this is to show off international book covers, and omg there’s so many and some of them are so different and cool. I found 20 different ones in total! I chose to go with the Deathly Hallows because I think some of the female characters are the strongest here.

The reason I chose Hermione is because she is a very strong character, she has an infinite love for her friends, she is the smartest witch of her age, she stands up for herself and others and there is so many more things. I think her character is such an inspiration to young and older girls alike. molly weasleyAside from Hermione there are a bunch of other strong characters. Some of my favourite are Luna, Ginny and Professor Mcgonagall. I mean I wouldn’t mess with Mcgonagall in the Deathly
Hallows. And I’m gonna have to put Molly Weasley in here as well with her most outstanding scene in the movie:


Some of these covers are so cool! My favourite is definitely the one at the top of the page (because seriously, am I the only one who only just notices that Harry’s scar is actually Voldemort’s face? :O ) but below are some more crazy different ones that I think are awesome.

Deathly Hallows15I think this one is definitely my favourite when it comes to crazy different though, the Arabic version looks like this too. I mean, it looks like a comic with some insane stuff in there! My least favourite the grey one just above here, it looks so depressing 😦 I mean I know it’s not the most cheerful book and all, but yeh.

Let me know which one is your favourite and your least favourite!

Sorry for the overload of images, I just wanted to share all of them, they’re so awesome!

Love Mallory x