This book was sent to me by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

A few hundred people wake up in an auditorium with no memory of their past, scared and confused, struggling to remember who they are and how they got here. A voice draws their attention to the person standing on the podium, impeccably dressed, an air of calm confidence about him that suggests he has the answers to all their questions. As he starts explaining the situation, they slowly begin to realize they are in a futuristic realm called Enigma, where dead humans are reborn and brought to trials for the crimes they committed in their human-lives…

shakeThis book was better than I expected it to be from the cover (yes I judge books by their cover, so shoot me), can already see some of you following me around shouting shame.
The cover didn’t do much for me but I saw the reviews from other readers and decided to give it a shot, the blurb looked pretty good too.

This book series has so much potential and it’s good, even if I don’t say it is, other readers were all extremely positive.

I found myself getting extremely confused because nothing really stuck. I loved the idea of the story, the fact that it’s set in the after life and people are being punished for their crimes in life. It’s original and a foundation for a great story.

But my brain just didn’t seem to agree with the style of writing and I struggled most of the way through, I’ve just finished it and I don’t really know what I read. The book is from a few characters point of views but is a little vague at the start.

Some parts of the books I absolutely loved, mostly the parts about the character’s pasts and what ended up getting them into Enigma.

I do recommend this book, it’s an easy read and it’s original, don’t let my brain functioning put you off! I am excited to see what the second book is like as there is a lot of cliffhangers at the end of the this book and I want the answer :’)

Love Mallory x