I get this, it sucks and why it happens I have no clue.

I’ve currently found myself in a bit of a ‘I really don’t want to read’. I get this about twice a year, either when I’ve come across a crappy book that I don’t want to finish reading but also don’t want to start a new one, or when I’ve found a new brainless series.

Now let it be the case that I had both happen -.- With reviewing books sometimes you come along books you really don’t enjoy, on top of that the Only Way Is Essex has just been added on Netflix… I am slightly embarrassed to say that I’m watching, but it is just so brainless to watch and I find it so funny how ridiculous some of the drama is. shutuupp towie

Now I do know how to get out of this, it requires a good book and some downtime. And downtime I’ve got. I’ve also got a bunch of books laying around that I can read but here is my question to you.

swoonPlease recommend me a fun, fast reading book that’ll make my heart swell, so probably looking at a YA romance here, something like John Green  :’) Just as long as it makes me feel all the feels.

How do you guys get out of this kinda thing?

Love Mallory x