Friday is St Patrick’s Day! Now I’m not Irish but I went to a British School and my boyfriend is half Irish. I’d like to say I celebrate it but really it’s just an excuse to go out and party :’). I mean St Patrick’s Day is in the middle of Lent, and I don’t take part in that either, but for those who gave of alcohol, well, they’re screwed if they’re Irish…

This weeks questions will be all Ireland/green related. You don’t need to know anything about Ireland if you want to participate. For explanation of how it works, check out this page.

  1. Have you ever read a book set in Ireland? If so which one? If not, is there one on your TBR list?
  2. Go on google and find a picture of a place in Ireland you’d really like to visit, why do you wanna visit this place? (remember to post the pic too!)
  3. Do you own a green cover book?
  4. Have you ever been to Ireland? If so where did you go?
  5. Did you ever go looking for Shamrocks as a kid, especially four leaved ones?

I’ve answered the questions below 🙂 Remember to add your links to the post below so I can check them out and give a shout-out to my favourite next week. Let me know what you think of this post as well, would love to hear from you all. Also, shoutout to Sarah at Coffee and Train Spotting for always commenting on my posts and letting me know what she thinks (thank you hun, means a lot!). Make sure to check out her blog, especially if you need some inspiration for new books to read!

PS I Love You - Cecelia Ahern1. I don’t think I have, I mean I’m not quite sure to be honest, I actually had to google books which were set in Ireland coz I haven’t got a clue. The only one I could think of was PS. I love you by Cecelia Ahern, which is on my to read list. I watched the movie a few years back and loved that, so I’m 100% sure I’ll love the book too.

2. This picture below is so beautiful. Ireland is a beautiful country (both Northern and Southern Ireland) But I mean look at those cliffs, and the sea and how green it is. But most of all, that bridge inbetween the cliffs. I love going for hikes and that is definitely a place I’d like to visit and walk around all day. It’s the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge in Northern Ireland. bridge ireland.jpg


a clash of kings3. I actually only own one green covered book as far as I can think, all my books are back in Holland in boxes 😦 I know for a fact I have the green edition of a Clash of Kings from the Game of Thrones series though. Haven’t gotten to reading them yet though as I bought them here in Wales and sent them to Holland straight away. I really want the green cover version of Peter Pan, it’s so pretty!

4. I’ve never been to Ireland, I planned to go this year for St Patrick’s Day but it’s actually cheaper to go from Holland than it is to go from here in Wales. I really want to visit for St Patricks day and just party it out there but also to visit all the beautiful nature places and go on a few adventures.

5. I only lived in Holland till I was 7 and in Curacao and Dubai you didn’t really get clovers. I remember looking for them when I was little and hoping I’d find a four clover one so I could make a wish, but I never actually found one. Maybe I should go look for one next weekend…

Just a little extra: What do you guys think of the Irish inspired songs on Ed Sheeran’s divide? I’m completely in love with Nancy Mulligan, so I’ve added the song below 🙂 ❤

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks post!


Lots of Love (and luck) Mallory x