First of all, this book requires a massive, clear and bold trigger warning. There is addiction, anorexia, drugs, childhood abuse and other heavy topics. 

I was sent a free copy of this book through Netgalley for an honest review.

Fletcher and Dani are fighting their own inner demons just to stay alive. Dani is ravaged by anorexia and hasn’t eaten for days. Fletcher is fighting to stay off the streets and to stay off drugs. Will their attraction to each other save or destroy them?

Both patients at the Daisy Bank Rehab Centre, Fletcher wants to help Dani find out about the Room Empty at the heart of her pain: What happened to Dani in that room when she was four? Whose is the dead body that lies across the door? Why won’t her mind let her remember?
As Dani and Fletcher begin to learn how to love, Sarah Mussi weaves an intoxicating story of pain, fear and redemption.

This book was heavy. Really, really heavy and for me quite depressing. I can’t decide whether I liked it or not.

The book is well written, it’s fast paced and easy to read. But there is so much self-hate. And I mean I get that is part of the story and the characters and all that, I know it’s realistic. Sometimes I do wish books weren’t this realistic.

I liked the idea that anorexia was an alien. Dani’s only friend who forced her not to eat. It was a new take on ‘Ana’ for me. And I guess some people would regard it like that. Her character and thought process was written so well I understood what she was going through.

The story was written smartly but at the same time also didn’t make much sense to me. There was so much self-hate and arguing and thinking going on between things happening that the actions taking place were taken over by the thought process. I don’t know if this was done on purpose? I mean, I guess maybe Sarah Mussi was going for what life is actually like for Dani? I honestly don’t know.

Even though this book is about two people coming together and falling in love etc. I didn’t feel the story focused too much on it which I thought was good. Dani didn’t get better because of love, she got better because she went back into her past and found what made her the way she is. With the amount of books out there that make it out to be that love will fix everything, this was a nice change.

I did enjoy the book, it took me a little while to get into it. But it’s worth a read. For me it’s a new twist on a mental illness story and showed a character revealing her past to find a solution.

Again though, massive trigger warning needed.

This book will be published on the 6th of April!

Love Mallory x