Hi all, I’m back! 

I’ve been away for a while as life got a little too busy for me to keep a blog as well. But before I write anything else I’d like to apoligise to anyone who has sent me a review request that I have not responded to. 

In April I moved back to the Netherlands after completing my internship in Wales and have completed another term at university (an extremely demanding one I must say). Currently I’m looking for a new house and on Monday I will be starting my new job as animator at a camping in the Netherlands. 

But I’ve decided to come back to blogging because I love writing some posts. It will be a little different than before though. I will continue to write #WonderingWednesdays but probably only on the first Wednesday of the month. I will also continue to take review requests but only for printed copies. This is for a bit of selfish reason, I am after all, a book collector. Over the past few months I’ve received over a hundred review requests, and even though I love reading I also love watching my bookcase expand. 

I will also continue to write reading related posts and some reviews of older books I’ve chosen to read myself. 

Tomorrow my first post will follow, ‘the movie or books first?’ 

Happy to be back 🙂 

Love as always, 

Mallory x