As promised, my first post. 

I think the question above is a debate that will take place for a long, long time. People who don’t like to read will always answer ‘why read the book when you can watch the movie? ‘ and book lovers will most likely angrily reply ‘but the book is always better’. I have to agree, the book is always better than the movie, well 99% of the time anyway. (Allegiant, I’m looking at you) 

But now comes my question, what if you like both movies and books, which do you prefer to watch or read first? See I’m one of those people who will watch a movie or series without realising there’s a book and then thinking, yes this is amazing I need to read the books now. And I love it. I love reading a book after I’ve seen the movie because somehow it’s always still a little different, I love having an actual mental picture of what the characters in the book should look like according to the movie because it brings the book to life for me (I have a really crappy imagination). 

For example, I recently read 13 reasons why, after being hooked on the series and watching it in two days. The book wasn’t very descriptive in terms of what the characters actually looked like or the small details about the actual personalities of the people on the tapes. Actually knowing the characters before reading the book made it so much better for me. 

But, I also love it the other way around. Whenever I read a book, no matter if I’ve seen the movie before or no, I will always watch the movie ASAP if it exists. Movies are only allowed to be between an hour and two hours majority of the time. Meaning the stories have been condensed. And of course, on the screen we can’t read a person’s mind where as in the book we can. So watching a movie after reading a book and knowing what is going on in the actors minds, I love that too. 

Right now I’m reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel – finally! But I thought that movie was absolutely stunning, the visuals in it were breathtaking. 

Are there any books or movies you’ve seen where one form is better than the other, or maybe they’re both equally good? Or do you have your own little routine when it comes to books and movies? Let me know below! 

Love Mallory x