So I finally got around to reading this, maybe I should have saved it until winter (would have probably been creepier on a dark winter night) but I wanted a quick read and this has been in my TBR list for ages. 

I saw the movie, thought it was a little boring. Only certain scenes gave me a bit of a fright. But then I saw the play, and holy crap I was terrified, if you ever get the chance to watch it, go for it, it is brilliant. I promise you, you will be scared or at least very uncomfortable. 

But back to the book. 

The Woman in Black is a ghost story by Susan Hill, in which Arthur Kipps relates his haunting experiences at Eel Marsh House.

The tale begins on Christmas Eve, when Arthur’s step-children invite him to tell a ghost story. Arthur is too disturbed by his memories to share his story aloud, so he writes it down.
In his story, a young Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor, is sent to settle the affairs of Alice Drablow. He sees a woman dressed in black at her funeral, though apparently no one else does. At Eel Marsh House, a house beyond a causeway, Arthur is haunted by noises and sightings of the woman. Eventually a local man, Sam Daily, reveals the full story of how Alice Drablow’s sister, Jennet, haunts the house. He explains that a child dies each time the woman in black is seen. At the end of the story, Arthur sees the woman in black again and his wife and son die in a terrible accident.

The Woman in Black is a ghost story about heartbreak and revenge. 

Favourite quote:

My head reeled at the sheer and startling beauty, the wide, bare openness of it. The sense of space, the vastness of the sky above and on either side made my heart race, I would have travelled a thousand miles to see this. I had never imagined such a place

This of course is a ‘classic’, I made the mistake of going from a young adult book to this, I struggled with reading it quite a bit at first because of the language. I personally think it starts of a little slow, the writing is very descriptive which I sometimes like, but this time it took me a while to get into. 

Once Mr Kipps heads towards the abandoned house though it speeds up really quick and gets very intense. The writing is great, and the descriptive writing actually really helps here to create that eerie image of the house and what is going on. The particular part of the horse carriage and the girl drowning, the sounds made, was written so vividly that it gave me the chills. 

I loved this book. I have to admit I read it while lying in the sun and getting a tan, because I get scared really fast and didn’t feel like a sleepless night. I’m pretty sure that if you read it in the dark on a cold night, it would be even better. 

If you haven’t read this book yet, make sure to add it to your TBR list because it really is brilliant and once you’ve done that, find out if the play is somewhere near you. 

Have any of you read the book, seen the movie or the play? What did you think about it? Let me know below 🙂 
Love Mallory x