Hi all,

Autumn has officially hit in the Netherlands, and the weather hasn’t decided to treat us a little longer with some more summer weather. It’s been raining for a whole week and really strong winds, believe me, biking is no fun right now. But considering autumn is not all bad, that’s this weeks theme! So here are this weeks questions. Answer the questions below, or on your own blog and share the link below! Your choice.

  1. Do you like autumn? If so what do you like about it?
  2. What is your favourite reading spot in autumn?
  3. What is your go to book when snuggling up under a blanket?
  4. Any particular tv series you’re looking forward to this season?
  5. What book is on your to-read list this autumn?
  6. Bonus: do you call it autumn or fall?

So here are my answers 🙂

  1. My favourite thing about autumn, isn’t just the colours of the leaves. But the really crunchy brown leaves that fall on the floor, I will go out of my way just to step on. It is so satisfying!


2. Mine is on the sofa, by the window so I can watch the rain and lightning, with a blanket, a bunch of pillows and a hot cup of tea. This picture pretty much explains it all in one go. Especially this autumn as it’s already so cold at night, it’s 9 degrees at the moment 😦


3. Probably an old children’s classic picture book, like Winnie the Pooh or Alice in Wonderland. But I just got the first two Harry Potter books illustrated, so those will probably be my go to books this year. Because the drawings are stunning.



4. I really got into Lucifer last year, because let’s admit, Lucifer might be the devil, but he is devilishly hot! And his accent, oh god. Season three is starting in 20 days and I cannot wait! Just for those out there who would like to see a very handsome man, here you go 🙂


5. Hmm, I just bought to Kill a Mockingbird, we didn’t have to read it at school and I really want to read it. So I’m definitely aiming to read that this season.

6. As you can see I call it Autumn, as I learned English at a British School.

Hope you enjoyed and looking forward to reading your answers, and maybe getting some good suggestions for books and series to watch, that of course was my secret agenda for this post. Not so secret, but hey you get the point.

I’ve also just added some new music to the spotify playlist, so don’t forget to check that out too! Especially on a cold night, it is extremely relaxing.

Love Always,