This book was sent to me through Xlibris Publishing in return for an honest review.

Cowpet Bay, a vacationing haven for the privileged in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, is the meeting ground between five people—three men and two women—whose interaction leads to major changes in their lives. A Wall Street banker, his younger mistress—an aspiring academic—a retired professor of literature, a German graduate student of philosophy, and a local waitress all find their lives to be intertwined in a way that none expected. As their collective story unfolds, the events are viewed sequentially from the standpoint of each, revealing their impact not only on each but also, ultimately, on the whole bay community.

Let me begin by giving you the definition of ‘hedonism’ as I personally had no idea what the word meant; the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence. It was mentioned somewhere halfway through the book, where also the definition of the word is explored by the characters. But understanding the title made me understand the point behind the story more. This book is about five individuals trying to find pleasure in life. Once I understood that, I understood the book.

Props to Donné Raffat on his excellent writing. The book is very well written, with different POV’s which works really well for this book.

Even though this book wouldn’t be my first choice, it’s not a genre I would say is one of my favourites, it was still a good book. It explores the daily life of five very different people and how they entertain themselves and view life. Some of the characters, are very philosophical, which sometimes did make it a little bit difficult for me to read. But for people who enjoy philosophy, this is definitely a book for you. One thing that did confuse me a little in this book is that there is some German dialogue going on. Now I speak Dutch so I could understand some of it, but that wasn’t always the case. Now I wonder how a person who doesn’t understand a word of German would deal with this. As I’m not sure if it’s important for the story, but could get a little frustrating still.

I think this book would make a perfect book for a chilled beach read, it’s just one of those books. So definitely check it out when you get the chance.


Love Mallory x