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Book Tour – All That Glitters by Liza Trevino

Find out about All That Glitters - A Tale of Sex, Drugs and Hollywood Dreams. With an exclusive sneak peek at the book and a little about the author herself. Enjoy!


Exchanged -D. Silva & V. Mozes Review

Aubriel, an Elf from a village where Elston is worshipped, has been given the task to bring Elston to a precious artifact. What she doesn't find out until she is there is that Elston has a secret agenda and was never ordered by the temple to collect the artifact. As Aubriel realises what is going on, she protects the artifact from Elston. As Elston beats her down a handsome Fey comes to the rescue. That night Aubriel finds herself in the dreams of the Fey, Lord Callanon Thray. As she falls asleep every night she finds herself looking forward to meeting Callanon every night and finding out more about him and his beautiful dreamscape. Still struggling to trust him as she has been betrayed by someone she trusted with all her heart, she finds herself stuck between admitting her attraction to Callanon and not speaking to him again.

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