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Room Empty – Sarah Mussi

Fletcher and Dani are fighting their own inner demons just to stay alive. Dani is ravaged by anorexia and hasn’t eaten for days. Fletcher is fighting to stay off the streets and to stay off drugs. Will their attraction to each other save or destroy them?

Book Travelling Thursdays

This weeks book travelling Thursday is based on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination as that was a couple of days ago... This week we had to choose a book with a People of Colour as a main character.

Windfall – Jennifer E. Smith

Yes. Yes. Yes. I am so happy I found this book on Netgalley and got the chance to read it. Alice doesn’t believe in luck—at least, not the good kind. But she does believe in love, and for some time... Continue Reading →


This weeks questions will be all Ireland/green related. You don't need to know anything about Ireland if you want to participate. Check out the questions and leave your answers/links in the comment section!

When you don’t feel like reading anymore… Help?

I get this, it sucks and why it happens I have no clue. I've currently found myself in a bit of a 'I really don't want to read'. I get this about twice a year, either when I've come across a... Continue Reading →

Halfway – Lokesh & Anubhav Sharma

A few hundred people wake up in an auditorium with no memory of their past, scared and confused, struggling to remember who they are and how they got here. A voice draws their attention to the person standing on the podium, impeccably dressed, an air of calm confidence about him that suggests he has the answers to all their questions. As he starts explaining the situation, they slowly begin to realize they are in a futuristic realm called Enigma, where dead humans are reborn and brought to trials for the crimes they committed in their human-lives…

#Book Travelling Thursdays

I loved doing this last week. This week's theme is strong female main characters for International Women's Day. I, of course, went with Hermione from Harry Potter. The whole point of this is to show off international book covers, and omg there's so many and some of them are so different and cool. I found 20 different ones in total!


So I've decided to start a meme myself, I'd love for anyone to answer these as well. Every week I will post 5 questions related to a certain topic and always including at least one question based on books. Today is International Women's Day! Where we celebrate all things women. So I've based this weeks questions on that.

Book Tour -Accidental Arrangements

Introduction to a new novel by Alexandra Warren, and a short post from Alexandra herself.

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